Friday, September 13, 2013

My Official Review of the Allergy/Gluten Free & Vegan Paleo Wrap

I think I have tooted enough about the Paleo wraps, so it's time for me to actually review them. 

The Paleo wraps are made of nothing more than organic coconuts and coconut water. They are a handy little beauty that can be used for just about anything you decide you want to wrap.

They are light on calories and carbs and give just a bit of fiber.

They are vegan and raw, GMO free with no salt added. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Now the thing that made me giddy about them was that they are gluten free! My little munchkin has a wheat allergy so we avoid gluten like the plague. It's always nice to find something that enables our diets to expand.

The texture is light as well. It has a little bite to it. Once on your palate, it’s almost as if it will melt in your mouth if you keep it there long enough. It’s not crunchy but requires chewing, so for those like me who enjoy texture in their foods, the wrap gives you that.

They are light, thin, pliable and have a hint of coconut flavor. The coconut flavor is mild but you can definitely taste it. So I would only have these with things I didn't mind having a bit of coconut added to them. I wouldn’t, though, rule out anything without trying because the taste has the potential to add a slight kick of a ‘lil something different to some of the most unsuspecting foods.

The clerk at the store where mine where purchased said she has customers who enjoy the wraps with nothing in them. I just gave that a try and can see how that might be a nice little snack at times, especially if you have the taste for something coconutty.

The greatest feature about these wraps, other than the fact that they are gluten/allergen free is that they have a nine month shelf life and they do not need to be refrigerated. So you do not have to be in a rush to finish them. You can take your time searching for awesome recipes to try and experimenting at your own pace.

The Paleo wraps are definitely worth a try. If you don’t like the taste of coconut at all, you won’t like them. But if you do like coconut or are merely open to the flavor coconut can add, the wraps will open up a delicious new world of variety for you.

I enjoyed my first Paleo wrap as a shrimp taco and it was love at first bite. I’m sold on these babies. I will be posting this grilled halibut and shrimp taco recipe soon, so check back.

If you are in Houston, you can get purchasing information from my prior post, here.

So, how about you? Have you tried the Paleo wraps? What did you think? Give us the skinny on your first wrap...what was in it?


  1. Thanks for sharing this great Review of the Allergy/Gluten Free & Vegan Paleo Wrap, very interesting and helpful. I'm looking forward to tasting one of those delicious looking Paleo wrapped shrimp tacos.

  2. Jordyn, are you at all aware of what Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery have been up to? Perhaps before you take their products (free?) for testing, you may want to read about them
    This company has been lying and cheating diabetics and the low carb community for years and now they have poached another company’s product by making their Paleo Wraps you have so highly talked about here.
    How do you know the Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps are non-GMO? Only because they say so? Heath Squier and Julian Bakery say all kinds of things that are not true and this is one of them. The Paleo Wraps are NOT non-GMO certified and just because Heath Squier says they are doesn't mean anything. Check it for yourself at This is a list of breads and bakeries who are certified. Improv'eat's The Pure Wraps ARE CERTIFIED and not only are the Paleo Wraps NOT CERTIFIED they are not even on the list for verification.
    So perhaps before you spout off about how great the Paleo Wraps are you should do your homework.
    Ignorance is not bliss-it can and does cause damage.

  3. Hi there, Deborah Kreuger! Thanks so much for your comment and the information you provided. Let me first say that this blog is all about my very, very challenging journey of navigating my sons 13 food allergies. While I know that there are many others who are battling issues associated with diabetes and low carb dieting, those are not ones that I share. My research is from the allergy perspective because that is what plagues my family. Now, if I were to give the wraps to my diabetic grandmother, well that's another story (based on your information). But that is not information that came up in my search (based on allergies), nor in my phone conversation with them regarding the allergic content of the wraps.

    I do not "take" products for testing. I am a meager little blogger who is only concerned with documenting my journey in the hopes of helping other moms of kiddos with multiple allergies, so I am not at the level where anyone would know my name let alone send me anything to test. I purchased my wraps out of pocket for the $8 mentioned.

    You touch on an important point. We are limited to what we see on packaging until we have solid evidence to the contrary. In this case, I did not find evitdence that the product is not GMO free. if you happen to come across something substantial, other than they have apparently misrepresented other things, PLEASE do come back by and share it here. I would love to be able to highlight that! Sadly, we live in a time where many leaders, organizations and people in general engage in unethical practices. I wonder the same thing every time I pick up something that says "organic, as that is all my son and I eat. But one of the things I am grateful for is this webosphere, where ordinary people like you and me can SHARE information, help each other get enlightened, strengthen the consumer base as it relates to knowing more about how companies are operating...much like what you have attempted to do here.

    I would like to suggest to you that everyone who blogs is not a culprit who relishes in ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss in my world. Knowledge is bliss and it is welcomed. I would offer you that one way we can all join forces as consumers is if we set out to enlighten and not "check" one another on our posts. You used a very condescending tone in your response to my post. I am not sure why you were compelled to, but because I thrive on gaining useful information, it would have been better served had you just set out to "inform" me. I don't consider myself to "spout off" about anything. I am on a mission to share with other allergy mamas and I take this charge quite seriously.

    It stands that, for my purpose, the Paleo wraps are a great product. They opened up one more option for me and my son, in a time of severe limitation. I am glad, though, that if I have any diabetic or low-carb readers, they can refer to your post and link to get more information than I provided here.

    Again, thank you. And if you visit in the future, keep in mind that I love to keep it light and friendly, and any information you have to share with me is welcome!!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  4. Thank you for the great share.... It was a pleasure reading your post..
    The post has all what one needs to know about health.. good job.

  5. Hi Gluten free! Thank you and thank you for taking time to stop by!

  6. I like your review and I ordered some paleo wraps this morning from Amazon. I especially enjoyed the pictures you shared along with the review. They were very helpful.

  7. Thanks for the review. Ive never tried these but im assuming they would be the same as other coconut wraps. Ive noticed some have salt like Jimalies one here . Not to sure whats better? Thoughts?