Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yummibears Organics - Finally A Citrus Free Vitamin For Kids ( Also Dairy/Wheat/Gluten/Soy/GMO Free)!

I never realized how difficult it would be finding a daily vitamin for my Little Ninja that did not contain orange flavoring. It's a vitamin, come on, how hard could it be?

Well, let's just say he's 3 1/2 and I am just now finding one. I've got a cabinet stocked full of vitamins that just didn't work out. Ones I tried regardless of the citrus (derived from orange) and failed...others that I most sadly didn't realize contained orange until after I forked up the nearly 25 bucks, got home, cracked open the seal and whipped out one to try before something told me to look on the back. Fail.

So we have done without a vitamin for much of the last 3 years. I wasn't too worried since I know many parents who do not give their kids vitamins and their kids are fine. Jace has been fine too, and none of his doctors have been alarmed about the lack of a daily vitamin. But I couldn't help but feel like he could be coming along better if he just had a vitamin to take as a supplement.

One of my constant concerns is that the multiple allergies prohibits him from getting enough vitamins and nutrients from food sources, so to not be able to take a vitamin on top of that - give me a break already!

I happened on these as I was looking for a soy-free vitamin for myself (which I did eventually find - those searching for a soy free vitamin can find that post here). Talk about winning the friggin' lottery!! I thought it was too good to be true so I emailed the company to be sure that there was no orange flavor in the product. Here is the response I got:
Hi Jordyn,
...As for the Yummi Bears Organics- both the Multivitamin and Mineral and the Brain Health have bears with orange flavor and would be off limits for your son. However, the Bone Health and the Immunity Health would be safe for him to take. You can find more information at our website.
Shanan MarkleySales CoordinatorHero Nutritional Products LLC
OMG - Yes, it was really happening! An allergy free vitamin that seemed to be custom made for my Ninja. 

So on my next trip to Whole Foods, something told me to give it a look-see, and what do ya know - they had them! They did not have the Immunity Health, which would have been my preference, but they had the Bone Health. What the hey...I snagged them up.

The good part is they are soft and gummy and taste like a strawberry creamsicle. Like really, if it wasn't a sin I would guzzle a few down for a sweet treat after dinner every night. I know...that sounds crazy but I'm just sayin'...they're that good!

Ninja loved them. So much so, that it is still a battle to get him to understand that he cannot have "bitamins" all throughout the day *sigh*. Whatever!! This is one fight I am glad to have now that we have a new supplement in hand.

I will close with the best news of all. He has had NO ALLERGIC REACTION whatsoever. And you know what that means, folks...we've got ourselves a winner.


  1. Aaawwww, I listen and laugh to myself everyday during the 'bitamin' fight. He's determined to eat them until they are all gone, happy you found them also.

    1. Ahhh yes, the bitamin fight. One battle that is so worth it!

  2. Coming in late here, but I was so excited to find this post, as my daughter is allergic to citrus. And now I find these awesome vitamins are discontinued. :( Have you found another brand you like?

  3. We need an allergy free vitamin, solar ray has orange in their "natural" flavors btw , just called the 800 number