Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breaking News....More Allergy-Free Veggie Sticks On Deck!

Introducing...The Daily Crave Veggie Sticks 

A fellow allergy-free mama found these allergy-free veggie sticks at a local Marshall's store. Marshall's, the home goods store, you ask? Yeppers, that's right. It looks like we need to be on the lookout at stores like this for great snack finds considering we have found some great snacks & cake mixes at Home Goods stores as well. She describes these as "Melt in your mouth, puffy and delicious." My munchkin can't have them because of the tomato powder but it definitely sound like these babies are worth a try!

I reached out to The Daily Crave on Facebook to find out where we can find their products locally. I received a very prompt and pleasant response. Here it is below:
Good Morning Jordyn! We hope you had a great weekend. So we just looked into the best way to get The Daily Crave in your area. One way would be to find our product on Amazon and buy it online! Here's a link to some of our products (Click here). Also, HEB markets carry our products! If they don't have it at that store, we would truly appreciate if you asked them if they could carry it, by our name! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with J.
We have HEB stores around Houston so this is great news! And aren't they just helpful? This allergy-free journey is a hard one. It's riddled with many failures, much frustration and many blank trips to stores looking for food the little ones can eat. So it is always, I repeat ALWAYS, a breath of fresh air when you come across a vendor who stands ready and willing to help make your life just a wee bit easier. So kudos and a big shout out to The Daily Crave!!!! *insert hand claps here*

Learn more about The Daily Crave on their website here, and please go LIKE them on Facebook. Tell them Allergy Moms Unite sent ya.

So check your local HEB stores for these products, and if you can't find them don't fret, just click that online ordering link above and get-ta-ordering!

Please post a comment if and when you try their products, to keep our little community informed.


  1. Great post, Jordyn. This is really helpful, thanks for sharing it. A lot of people are going to be very happy to get this information. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, do we have some of these I can sample? LOL...not kidding either.

  2. I hope so. It is such a blessing to find things our little munchkins can eat! The people at Daily Crave were great, and that helps tons!

    And LOL, no we don't. Jace has a tomato allergy and these have tomato powder, but I am still going to get them to sample :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!!