Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Go-To Green Smoothie (soon to be YOUR go-to green smoothie :-)

This is just a quick and dirty of my go-to green smoothie recipe. I mean let's face it, everybody and their mama got a smoothie recipe, right? I know, but hey, you're here now so you may as well check mine out.

Smoothie recipes are VERY forgiving. You can replace anything with, well, ANYTHING! It's up to you. But what bloggers do is post the recipes they like, in the hopes that it gives you some ideas on how to eat clean and fresh day in and day out.

We all know that having the same thing over and over gets a little tired. Well, each blogger has their own twist on things; which means that after all your web surfing for smoothie recipes, you should have enough "twists" in your arsenal to twist your hips out of socket.

The thing I love about my Go-To Green Smoothie is that my Little Ninja loves it too. Can you say EPIC WIN for the tired allergy mama!? He thinks he’s going to keep winning our mealtime battles but, baby, mama doesn’t have two degrees and a wealth of experience for nothing! I know a little thing or two about RESEARCH, and if it ain’t working for me now…give me a little while…and I will have another 52 tricks in my bag. Sounds a little cocky, right? Well, *shyly* that’s just me overcompensating for the fact that a three year old trumps me day in and day out at meal time. I lose 9 times out of 10 and that’s the sad reality.

Oh but I tell you what! This here smoothie? Yes, this one...the one filled with vitamins, nutrients, fruits and greens. The one you like and have no clue what's in it. The one that keeps you coming back for more. Well son, mama wins. Enough said. 

Disclaimer - I never really "measure" my smoothie ingredients. I'm a little like a restless toddler in that way. I just start dumping stuff in the blender and call it a day. So I did my best here to measure for you. BUT, please keep in mind that I like my smoothies thick so inevitably I have to keep adding a little liquid until I get that oh-yea-come-to-mama consistency. You may have to do the same, so don't rag on me. You've been forewarned.

Go-To-Green Smoothie (Allergy Free & Vegan)
1 Large banana
3 Large (or 4 medium) strawberries
1/4 c. Frozen mangoes
3 Medium chunks of watermelon (optional) **
4 oz. Kale
8 oz. Vanilla coconut milk
1/4 c. Mango fruit nectar

** This is my secret smoothie ingredient. I am going to write a post about this soon. But for now just trust me and DO IT :-).

Add liquids to the blender first. Add all other ingredients and blend. Add coconut milk, very little at a time, to thin out the smoothie. It is easier to add more to thin it out than to correct it if you add too much, so go easy on the liquid! 

Note - I freeze all of my fruit for my smoothies, even the watermelon. This ensures my smoothie is COLD when I'm done blending. Room temperature, or even refrigerated, fruit makes for a rather dull smoothie. I'm a girl who likes a KICK, so I need this baby to be ICE COLD.

I will also be writing a post in the coming days, explaining my process for freezing my fruit. You want to be on the lookout for this post because I have some really cool tips on how to have smoothie ready greens at all times! That's stay tuned.

And in the meantime, enjoy this luscious glass of health. Ninja did!

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