Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shake It Up!! Allergy Free/Vegan Vitamin Packed Smoothies ARE Possible!

Plant Fusion Phood Meal Replacement Shake Review & 
Refreshing Allergy Free/Vegan Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Having a child riddled with allergies often means having a child who eats too little, making it a daunting task to ensure he gets the vitamins and nutrients he needs. At least that's the case for me, and boy can it be frustrating *pulling hair out*. But, but, but...OMG, I just can't wait to tell you. Like I want to just spill the beans NOW. I've never been good at keeping stuff in. I mean, I was the kid who took each family member to my grandmother's bedroom one by one to tell them what my parents had bought them for Christmas. So, how do I ease into this? *Insert finger tapping here* Darn it, I just can't!!!! OKAY, I'VE FOUND A PLANT BASED SUPPLEMENT THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO GIVE JACE A HUGE BOOST IN VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS AT ONE TIME! There, I said it.

Without further ado, I introduce Phood, the everything shake. This is a 100% plant-based, whole food, meal shake that is free of sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors. I mean is this the wonder shake or what!!?

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I have had to accept that my sweet little munchkin is now a picky toddler, who before he will even taste anything unfamiliar, he will opt for the surround sound melt down full with arm flailing and hysterics. But now *trying to contain my excitement* mama's got a new weapon, baby!! Phood shake mix contains 18g plant-based protein, 21 whole food vitamins, 17g complex carbs, 6g probiotics (greens and fiber) and 4.4g omega 3-6-9. Yes, seriously! You can pick your jaw up off of the floor.

Now, for the real kicker...wait for it...IT'S GOOD! This is according to me, a defeated allergy mom's first hand testimony - it's good. The shake comes in Chocolate Caramel or Vanilla.

Just look at that creamy goodness. I am accustomed to protein shakes being chalky, hard to get mixed, dreadful tasting disappointments. But not Phood. It has a mild taste that lends itself well to whatever you combine it with. I often use coconut milk and fruit, which means it comes out tasting like a creamy, fruity back rub. When in a pinch I stash a couple of scoopfuls into my mini blender cup and later mix it with water or milk on the go. It doesn't get any better than that.

Lastly, I must say how smooth it is. It's just a creamy cup of deliciousness. Other powders I have used kind of sit on the water, failing to mix easily, making having a shake quite a chore. Not this one. Whether I shake it by hand in my blender cup or blend it, I've got a beverage to make my taste buds dance.

12 oz vanilla coconut milk (I use So Delicious!)
2 Scoops of Plant Fusion Phood Plant-Based Shake*
1 Banana
3 Strawberries
Small handful of frozen mangoes

Place everything except the shake powder in blender and mix until smooth. Add Phood shake mix and blend for 5-10 seconds. Pour in your favorite smoothie cup and enjoy!

*While I usually use two scoops for the same recipe, in the shake pictured I used one scoop of the chocolate-caramel shake mix. So the color will vary based on how many scoops you use.

I often opt for making mine a green smoothie by throwing in a handful of kale or spinach. Geez, it only gets better.

Add chia/hemp seeds or a teaspoon of coconut/hemp oil or for a super hero boost :-)

So how does my munchkin like it? Well, let's just say he has no idea that his daily smoothie is smacking the inside of his tummy with all kinds of whole food, plant-based nutrition. He slurps, mama smiles. I win :-).

Get the description, ingredient and review low down on the Chocolate-Caramel Phood shake mix here and the Vanilla shake mix here. I purchased my chocolate-caramel mix on Amazon here and my vanilla here (free shipping using Amazon Prime). You can purchase the GNC Wellbeing be-Fulfilled Mini Blender Bottle here (I bought mine inside a local store for the same amount).

Enjoy your shake *slurp* !!!


  1. You're right about the 'surround sound melt down full with arm flailing and hysterics'... he's got that down pat!

    It sure helps to have a stash of allergy-free items he can have to derail the melt down.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I do resort to bribery sometimes, it helps me stay sane a little while longer.

  2. Bribery has become a way of life!!! I'm determined to change that!! Recipes like this help ;-)